About the KABGreetings
Here is a brief guide to the information of The Korean Association for Buiatrics.
President of the KAB
Han Kyeong LEE, DVM, PhD
Dear members of the Korean Association for Buiatrics (KAB),
Welcome to the KAB website. The KAB which was founded in 1996, is also the Korean branch of the World Association for Buiatrics (WAB). Until now, the KAB has been leading the health and disease research of Korean cattle with the passion and efforts of the past presidents and members. I sincerely thank you for their hard work.

In addition to the annual conference, the KAB publishes the academic newsletter bimonthly to provide helpful academic information to members who are struggling with sweat. Now, I think the time has come for the KAB to share roles and responsibilities that are worthy of its 26-year history. In keeping with the era of the 4th industrial revolution, it is necessary to play a pivotal role and preparation for the introduction of new diagnostic techniques and clinical technologies as well as disease diagnosis systems.

Since 2020, the severe situation has continued with COVID-19, and globally, across society, we are still facing great trials and demanding patience. Academic activities of the KAB are also contracted and difficulties are expected. The World Buiatrics Congress (WBC) to attract to Republic of Korea, which was scheduled for 2024, is expected to be delayed to 2026. However, if there is the enthusiasm of the frontline members, it will be possible to overcome it sufficiently, and we will do our best while strengthening the substance.

I am always grateful to all members who have worked hard even in difficult environments, and ask for your support with the thought of creating a dynamic conference that you would like to participate in if you are interested in cattle disease and cattle. Thank you.

Han Kyeong LEE, DVM, PhD, President of the KAB